July Stats for Android Mobile apps

Posted on July 06, 2011

At the midpoint of the year, it is a good time to review the statistics about the Android Mobile apps released this year:

Entertainment/Music: Lady Gaga Fan & Duran Duran Fan

Finance: StockTalk for Android (the only Android interface for the StockTwits Network)

Overall, since about February 2011 from Android Market, there have been approximately:

  • 1,460 Downloads/Installs
  • 575 Users
  • More than 19 Countries: USA, Canada, UK, France, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan, Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Malaysia, Norway, Thailand, Australia, India

Here is the breakdown by app for Android OS version and country:

1. Lady Gaga Fan

Lady Gaga Fan - OS

Lady Gaga Fan - Countries


2. Duran Duran Fan

Duran Duran Fan - OS

Duran Duran Fan - Countries


3. StockTalk

StockTalk - OS

StockTalk - Countries


Top 3 Device Breakdown

And below is a breakdown of the Top 3 devices for each app. Samsung does well for entertainment and Motorola for Finance.

Top 3 Device Breakdown

The fact that the initial code for Duran Duran Fan for Android was clean and modular allowed Lady Gaga Fan for Android to be rapidly developed and deployed. In fact, it is the creation of the assets for submission to Android Market which takes longer in the whole process.

It was also interesting to see that some people were using the apps on Samsung Galaxy Tabs so the apps were then updated to support the Android Tablet form-factor.

Although these apps are currently only available on Android Market, they are actually cross-platform and can run on iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads 1 and 2, in addition to several other platforms.

Get in Touch – YashLabs Touch – Tablet & Smartphone Mobile Apps.

Lady Gaga Fan For Android

Posted on May 23, 2011


Lady Gaga Fan Free for Android is out tonight no longer avaialable [, just in time for the release of her new album and a mega-promotion where you can buy "Born This Way" for 99 cents on Amazon in MP3 format.]


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Duran Duran Fan for Android

Posted on April 29, 2011

Update: Duran Duran Fan for Android is no longer available (complying with a C & D letter).

I saw the Duran Duran show in Montreal this Tuesday as the band was touring for support of their new album, “All You Need is Now”. The show was late by an hour because of the soundcheck most probably. But what a show it was! It started by the album’s songs played to fan-made videos on a big screen.


The first to come on stage was Nick Rhodes, checking up his synths. I know he uses a Korg, an Alesis Andromeda A6, 1 or two Rolands, and a Kurzweil (which I own). When the band was on stage, the crowd went wild as the first sounds from Planet Earth were heard.

Then, Nick’s sounds disappeared. All of the band was clearly disappointed but fans in the audience sang the song a capella with Simon until sonic beauty could be restored and the transition was smooth. That was a magical moment.

It was also Roger’s birthday and we sang Happy Birthday to him both in French and in English.

It was absolutely awesome, they’re solid entertainers after all these years, and I really liked how The Chauffeur, Careless Memories and Friends of Mine sounded live. A View to A Kill and Reach Up for the Sunshine were also astounding, with Wild Boys.

In honour of the band and their amazing songs, I can now present to all Duran Duran Fans, an app to keep them in touch with their favourite band. It’s appropriately named Duran Duran Fan for Android. You can read the Duran Duran news, including Tweets by Simon and John (who tweets frequently), other fans’ messages, see a gallery, get lists of shows and purchase tickets online, discover similar bands, watch videos and also shop in the specially built Duran Duran Fan Store.

I showed a demo to a fan at the show and he asked when the app would be ready for his iPad. Soon, stay tuned! Check the images below in the meantime and download the app for Android.

Duran Duran Fan in Android Market (Free – is no longer available).



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StockTalk for Android, an interface for StockTwits is released.

Posted on February 25, 2011

StockTalk1We love StockTwits by Howard Lindzon, Soren Macbeth and the team. It’s a real-time Financial network where traders, investors and economists freely exchange information and their commentaries. Getting the streams in real-time provides many opportunities for trading and investing and StockTwits has become an essential tool in any trader’s arsenal. It is also useful to get a glance of the news prior to the next trading day.

iOS users already had the very beautiful Nasdaq QFolio and the official StockTwits app, but until now, there has been no proper app to access the essential real-time information for Android. There is a StockTwits-sanctioned app for Android called StockDroid, the latter is a portfolio manager and not a way of getting at the real-time streams.

This is why we built a simple app, called StockTalk for Android that very purpose.StockTalk icon

StockTalk is free and very easy to use. It provides access to the following StockTwits streams by default:

Clicking a user name links to the main StockTwits site, to the user’s own message stream:


You can get StockTalk from the Android Market at the following link or use your Android scanner and camera with the QR Code included below:


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Google is the #1 Worldwide smartphone seller with Android.

Posted on January 31, 2011

Android robot logo.
Based on research released by Canalys today:

Google has outpaced NokiaRIM and Apple in the smartphone arena to become the best-selling platform worldwide. This news was in this morning from research firm Canalys and shows that from the Fourth Quarter of 2009 to the Fourth Quarter of 2010, Google’s Androidsmartphone platform

  • grew a phenomenal %615
  • grew to occupy 32.9% of shipments in Q4 2010, a total of 33.3 millions

In comparison, Nokia had a %30.6 of market share with 31.0 millions of shipments.

Apple, even with the great iPhone 4, is far behind with %16.0 of market share and 16.2 millions of shipments, followed by RIM.

Microsoft is far behind everyone, having sabotaged their own success with internal strife against their Kin phone.

Google’s Android is the World #1 smartphone platform – from YashLabs