Google is the #1 Worldwide smartphone seller with Android.

Posted on January 1, 2011

Android robot logo.
Based on research released by Canalys today:

Google has outpaced NokiaRIM and Apple in the smartphone arena to become the best-selling platform worldwide. This news was in this morning from research firm Canalys and shows that from the Fourth Quarter of 2009 to the Fourth Quarter of 2010, Google’s Androidsmartphone platform

  • grew a phenomenal %615
  • grew to occupy 32.9% of shipments in Q4 2010, a total of 33.3 millions

In comparison, Nokia had a %30.6 of market share with 31.0 millions of shipments.

Apple, even with the great iPhone 4, is far behind with %16.0 of market share and 16.2 millions of shipments, followed by RIM.

Microsoft is far behind everyone, having sabotaged their own success with internal strife against their Kin phone.

Google’s Android is the World #1 smartphone platform – from YashLabs

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